Friday, April 27, 2012

Yogurt Face Mask

So this is absolutely WONDERFUL for people with dry skin, someone worried about wrinkles, or just someone who wants to freshen up their face and give it that gorgeous supple glow!

This is definitely not something that the beauty industry wants you to know! Hey they're making way too much money off of us right now! Every second a woman is buying a cream, facial cleanser, a wrinkle cream whatever!  to help her age better or take away those creases... get a glow.. what would happen if everyone started to see that beauty comes from what we put in and on ourselves... the beauty industry would die off! Its amazing what you can do with the natural things this earth has to offer us... give it a try ..... :)

Living in Chicago, our winters are brutal and dry... i feel like a cactus that hasn't been watered in MONTHS! and my skin gets so dry..i tend to i loose that beautiful summer glow when your skin is gleaming. So this is a perfect, instant moisturizer. After this mask your pores tighten up, and maybe some age lines may disappear and your skin definitely feels softer and more luscious. Do it as much as you like there's no limit.. i personally try to do this everyday i love the effect it has on my face.

How to :

Step 1. Purchase organic, full fat yogurt (greek is best) nice and thick! thats how i like em!!  (better yet) MAKE your own yogurt (its very simple) organic yogurt.  here's a link

Step 2. Take a tablespoon of yogurt ..and warm it in your hands

Step 3. Spread all over face.. and ahhh Relax :) enjoy your mask...

Step 4. Remove after 6 minutes .. i prefer to keep mine on until it drys the longer you keep it on the more hydrated your skin gets.. your skin soaks it all up but! it might feel akward when it drys it feels tightening and gets a little crusty..but hey! who cares your'e getting your beautification on!

Step 5. Take a washcloth wet it with water , swipe away and slowly remove. Feel the silkiness!!!

TIP : The longer you keep it on the better! 

OKay so now that wev'e covered how yogurt makes your face look! Lets talk about how awesomely healthy yogurt is for your belly

Yogurt is such a good cleanser. It cleanses your digestive system AND replenishes the GOOD bacteria in your body that you need to survive ,that might have been taken away by.. hmm lets say some not so good things like antibiotics. 

Yogurt is full of protein from 10-14 grams sometimes even 20 if you eat greek! Thats more than an egg and as much as an ounce of meat . It also has as much potassium as a banana and is actually what we call a complete protein, for all you vegetarians out there!!! thumbs up

Monday, April 23, 2012

Get healthier in 1 simple step

What's the big secret? Water! Hydration! Agua !

Seems too simple doesnt crisp refreshing water pouring into a glass makes you just wanna.....ahh...pee?!?!?

Many of us don't realize that we're not drinking enough water throughout our days... and that don't mean tea, coffee, soft drinks, bubbly coca cola. No! Pure , filtered, spring water. Most health problems or feelings of fatigue during the day are caused by dehydration.. Hello people! 60% of the human body is water how do you expect to flush out your system when you are not refilling yourself with new water everyday??How does your body cleanse itself?? Your'e right! It don't! You'll shrivel up like a grape in the sahara desert! and that don't look too pretty....

Reasons to Hydrate

1. Beautiful glowing skin -"You can look significantly younger just by keeping your skin hydrated," says Howard Murad, M.D "Water naturally plumps skin, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts a lackluster complexion." basically its like a facial in a bottle! your'e moisturizin' 

2. Instant Energy! -Being dehydrated can make you feel tired.. even just mild dehydration 

3. Detox - rids the body of toxins purifies the blood helps the liver flush exces toxins ..these days its really hard to avoid chemicals and toxins flyin around and swimming in our water and food

4. Weight loss- helps your metabolism function properly

5, Boosts moodResearchers from Tufts University say that even mild dehydration is associated with feelings of anger, depression, and confusion. Get your'e happy on!!!

6.Reduces acne- too much toxins or stress on the liver can cause acne.. since you are flushing your whole system your liver gets flushed eliminating acne


* Please try to drink the purest form of water.. careful of added minerals and flouride which do more harm than good...

* Try to drink 20 min before meals and 20 minutes after.. let your stomach digest its food. drinking during meals.. especially cold drinks disturb digestion and can be very harmful.  In fact, an ice cold drink can completely halt the digestive process. Drinking cold water during digestion is like cooking a meal and right in the middle sticking it in the fridge...

*drink water room temperature or warm aides in digestion. its better for the body... i know ew ew ew.. we're all use to cold, icy water.. well.. get use to it! its better for ya

* Adding fresh squeezed lemon will make your water tastier, and is awesome for ridding the body of toxins ..purifies the blood has potassium which is good for you nervous system (depression and anxiety can be traced to low potassium levels) and is a healthy boost of vitamin c! yey  

*try to use glass containers when on the go

* when you wake up drink 1.5 liters  (thats about 3 tall glasses of water) thats sure to get rid of any yucky toxins, best in the morning before you eat so the foods don't interfere with the process

Remember when you are feeling thirsty, this is your bodies final signal .. if you were properly hydrated you would not be feeling thirsty!